# 81 

Margreta Stølen & Tracey Payne

7pm Thurs 1st Mar 2018

V22 Studios
180 Ilderton Rd
London SE15 1NT

Tube: Bermondsey

Please bring snacks and drinks to share in the break (cups and bowls provided)

Margreta Stølen

My work questions the way we understand ourselves and challenges established views on society that we take for granted. I make eerie and uncanny rooms that are hard to define. I add performance, sound and light within them in a way that makes the experience of the work change depending on the spectator’s behaviour.


Idea of participating and experiencing

I work with the whole gallery room or rooms, so when you walk in it’s not a gallery room anymore. It might feel like you are walking onto a theatre stage.

The exhibition’s interaction with the audience makes it inviting to walk through the room, stand in a light spot or hide, touch stuff or react with the performance actors, so the experience of the exhibition becomes something more than what we usually do and see other people experiencing.

Evading the expected way of behaving in the gallery enables spectators to experience rather than passively analyse and be bored. To make people experience for themselves an environment where they have a choice how to interact with the performance, the room, light or sound.

I create rooms that change your perception of how you behave in order to change the anticipation of what you will experience in that room. It can be triggered by an element of surprise, a childish joy, a fear or something you just can’t immediately categorize. These experiences wake you up and you learn from them about yourself, for better or worse.

In my work I have questioned our views on animal welfare, class inequality and  gender issues. To do this, I like to make it easy to engage with the work. I work with aesthetics and accessibility to allow people to get through to and deal with the honest or real stuff of life.

- Margreta Stølen


Tracey Payne

Tracey Payne makes objects that fill spaces where people will be alarmed and will laugh. Slapstick, silliness, accidents, surprises. Stand-up, fall-down. How/who to trust? Around the edges and in the gaps we live our lives. It all seems so permanent, monolithic and unshiftable until things start to move. Form without substance. Breath, no breath.