# 80 

Reality (Daniil Alexandrov & Zhenia Vasiliev)

7pm Thurs 7th Dec 2017

Deptford X Event Space
Ground Floor
Norfolk House
9 Brookmill Road
London SE8 4HL

Tube: Deptford Bridge DLR (1 min); New Cross (10 mins)

This will be a shorter session than usual, with only 1 artist presenting to allow time afterwards to celebrate our 80th Peer Session with some Christmas drinks in a local pub.

Festive contributions of mince pies/ Yule logs/ spiced wine welcome!

Reality (Daniil Alexandrov & Zhenia Vasiliev)

Reality (Daniil Alexandrov & Zhenia Vasiliev), still from "Entimology"

Entimology, a project by Reality duo (Daniil Alexandrov, Zhenia Vasiliev) brings live video mixing, creative writing, electro-acoustic sound performance together with empathy in the context of collective intelligence on contemporary digital networks. The work, engaged with language and swarm mentality, takes the form of exercise of multi-modal translation: translation of bodies into text, text into visuality, social behaviours into symbols, speech of insects into human speech and back. Which possibilities, Reality asks, the study of communication in insects, particularly those ones living socially, could bring into our understanding of connection between users in the digital domain? The duo approaches critically the idea of collective action, arguing instead that users are involved on the level of the individual, rather than collective, action frame.

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