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Peer Sessions @ Xhibit 2022

1-3pm Sat 18th June 2022

The Koppel Project
New Bond Street

Tube: Bond Street

Peer Sessions is delighted to facilitate a collaborative group crit for UAL students at Xhibit 2022. Open to all!


For Xhibit 2022 we invite exhibiting Xhibit 2022 artists to participate in a Peer Session crit by presenting their work in the show for feedback. UAL students (those not in the exhibition) and members of the public are warmly invited to join the session and contribute to the discussions (with no need to book). All welcome!

Exhibit 2022 artists who want to share work, sign up here: Xhibit website

About Xhibit 2022

This year marks Xhibit’s 25th year, ensuring the legacy of the opportunity as the longest running open call exhibition for University of the Arts, London students. Selected by industry professionals and showcasing the best emerging creatives from UAL, Xhibit is open to all current students, at any level and studying any discipline. There are no themes or constraints.

The exhibition reflects the diverse range of creativity at UAL and offers those involved a unique chance for collaboration, exhibition and development - championing their work to a wider audience.

2022 Xhibit exhibiting artists:
Pau Aguilo Hernandez | Elaoise Benson | Cherie Chun | Yarden Fudim | Rhyan Jordan Holder | Hollis Hui | Emmanuelle Iroakazi | Amelia Johnson | Jomile Kazlauskaite | Janice Kei | Nisa Khan | Matilda Madaj-Solberg | Rosie Mather | Arabella Muir | Kenichiro Nakajima | Nusra Nijimbere | Meera Rofaeil | Elliott RoyEmma Elvins Nogueira Dos Santos | Tong Shi | Marina Tasca | Ciana Taylor | Abigail Weston | Ayshe-Mira Yashin