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Peer Sessions @ Chisenhale Gallery

Past - 7pm Thurs 6th October 2022


Chisenhale Gallery, London E3


During LA-based artist Nikita Gale’s solo exhibition IN A DREAM YOU CLIMB THE STAIRS at Chisenhale Gallery (9 July 2022 - 16 October 2022), Peer Sessions and esteemed guest artist and Chisenhale alumna Imran Perretta facilitated a Chisenhale Crit open to the public, discussing the work of two artists with the assembled group.


Blake Hart-Wilson showed an excerpt from his film Alien (Alien) 2022, an HD Digital Video. The participants identified a watery, or psychedelic special effect that had been added over the film, and the conversation revolved around how this affected the experience of watching the film. Some felt it abstracted the visuals, causing a sense of dissonance, others mentioned a heightened awareness of the dialogue and a sense that it emphasised the sci-fi (or dramatic) tension of the iconic original.

Melina Doumy showed 3 pastel drawings, from a much larger series. They were titled Pieta, Sore ribs and cloven hooves and When the blood burst from the grape. The discussion initially focussed on the materiality of the work, identifying intense gestures of the pastels, described as frenzied, animated and frenetic. This lead to various interpretations, including that they were atmospheric landscapes or bodily dismemberments. The group felt the images were emotional, intimate and dreamlike and there was a sense that they encompassed some kind of fragmented memories or interpretation of the sublime.



More about the artists

Blake Hart-Wilson: "I'm a London-based artist and filmmaker whose work includes sculpture, installation, painting, photography, narrative film, video art and documentary. Born in Lancaster, 1981 - I briefly studied architecture at Edinburgh College of Art, dropped out, became a DJ then a Video Performance Artist (VJ), before moving into the fields of art and film."


Melina Doumy is a London-based artist; she graduated from the Royal Drawing School in 2021.


Images: (from top)
Blake Hart-Wilson Alien (Alien) 2022, an HD Digital Video
Blake Hart-Wilson Alien (Alien) 2022, an HD Digital Video
Discussion of Melina Doumy's work
Melina Doumy When the blood burst from the grape, pastel on paper, 2002
Melina Doumy Pieta, pastel on paper, 2002

Peer 96 2Blake Hart Wilson Alien (Alien) Still 2022Peer96 1Melina Doumy, When The Blood Bursts From The Grape, pastel on paper, 2022Peer 96 4