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Peer Sessions @ Chisenhale Gallery

Past - 7pm Tues 26th Mar 2024


Chisenhale Gallery, London E3


This Chisenhale Crit took place during Joshua Leon’s exhibition ‘The Missing O and E’ (on until 21 April 2024). at Chisenhale Gallery, with guest responder artist Caragh Thuring, facilitated by Peer Sessions (Kate Pickering and Charlotte Warne Thomas) to dicuss the work of two artists and elicit feedback from the assembled group.



Ellie Wang showed two paintings; Prosperity, Longevity and Eternal Bliss; and Possibly Bitter. The discussion focussed on the complex composition of Prosperity, Longevity and Eternal Bliss, particularly on the various layers, different styles and paint application techniques visible in the painting, which was rendered across two panels. Some felt the painting was very joyful and celebratory, others that the layering was more metaphorical, indicating stages or timeframes of a person or transition between cultures.


Purdey Williams showed four small canvases, one titled Possession; the others as-yet untitled and potentially unfinished. The respondents were intrigued by the mysterious imagery in the works, which they felt gave the paintings an ambiguous and ghostly atmosphere. The discussion revolved around the colours, figures and enigmatic figure-like shapes, which to some in the group recalled aspects of 20th Century German Expressionism, conveying something of the “unheimlich” or unhinged.


More about the artists

Ellie Wang is an artist currently living and working in London. She graduated from BA Fine Art, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London in 2018




Purdey Williams is a painter.




Images (from top)

  1. Peer Session in progress with Charlotte Warne Thomas and Ellie Wang's Prosperity, Longevity and Eternal Bliss and Possibly Bitter
  2. Peer Session in progress with Kate Pickering and Purdey William's four canvases
  3. Purdey Williams: Possession; painting on canvas 2024
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