# 91 

Peer Sessions @ Chisenhale Gallery

Past - 2pm Sat 11th Dec 2021


Chisenhale Gallery, London E3


During Rindon Johnson's exhibition Law of Large Numbers: Our Selves at Chisenhale Gallery (6 Nov 2021 - 6 Feb 2022) and in response to the artist’s ongoing interest in the pedagogical framework of the ‘artist group crit’, a series of artist-led crits were programmed over the course of his exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery.⁠

Peer Sessions and esteemed guest peer artist Harold Offeh were invited to lead a Chisenhale Crit open to the public, discussing the work of two artists with the assembled group.

Prior to the event, artists were invited to submit their work to take part in the crit, with two artists selected by the Chisenhale team and Peer Sessions. Nicola Turner and Esther Gatón were chosen to present their work for feedback.


Nicola Turner presented two recent works for discussion, Écho-Monde, an installation in Wells Cathedral (mixed media inc horsehair, wool and coir) and Anatomy of Melancholy (mixed media inc horsehair, coir and wood, 140cm x 110cm x 85cm), alongside a display of the materials used for each. The conversation ranged from interpretations of the sculptures as bodily, organic and tentacular, to ideas about the juxtaposition of the domestic realm and the sci-fi look of the materials.


Esther Gatón presented a new short film titled Curtain Twitcher. The discussion elicited a broad range of responses, from ideas of Kafka's Castle, to urban alienation, gentrification and the concept of the female protagonist as Flâneur.



More about the artists

Nicola Turner is a UK based artist. Her work investigates the dissolution of boundaries, in-betweenness, and the continuous exchange of ecosystems. She combines found objects that hold traces of memory, the shapes of living forms, and materials from organic ‘dead’ matter such as horsehair- a material used previously for bedding and furniture.



Esther Gatón is a Spanish artist based in London. Her work encompasses sculpture, textiles and moving image.