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Peer Sessions @ Artquest Salon ONLINE

Past - 6.30-9.30pm Thurs 16th Nov 2023


Artquest Painting Salon
6.30 – 9.30pm on Zoom

Artquest Salon combines ongoing peer-to-peer feedback on artists' work and presentations by art world professionals. The Painting Salon is for artists working with painting, either in a traditional sense or those considering the boundaries of the medium in today’s context.

The painting salon included a presentation from Peer Sessions (Kate Pickering and Charlotte Warne Thomas) about their unique crit methods. Peer Sessions then facilitated two feedback discussions.



Two artists presented work for feedback:


Kathy Williams presented a number of images of tubular transparent cylinders, introduced as propositions for public sculptural works or screen-based works in their own right. Their slippery nature was discussed as the group felt it affected the potential interpretations, with the conversation revolving around the dynamic nature of the work and its potential to create moving layers of painting. 


Miranda Webster presented two small paintings, one of flowers wrapped in a bandage, the other of a seed in a match box. Both were executed with exquisite attention to detail, and the discussion focused on how this gave them a tender and intimate presence, linked to art historical aspects of still life painting. The group felt the work expressed a deep respect for the fragility of nature and bestowed a sense of care and attention at odds with the humble objects. 

More about the artists

Kathy Williams is a critically engaged artist who uses paint to create sculpture, three-dimensional paintings and film. Concerned with the fleeting moments of time and how we express our needs, wants and reactions to different places, spaces, and people, Williams’ work mirrors our preoccupation with decision making and the paths we take.




Miranda Webster was born in Auckland, New Zealand and lives and works in Margate, UK. She states: I paint from observation, spending a long time looking and accumulating detail in order to capture the physicality of my subjects.




1. Miranda Webster Untitled, 2023, oil on wood, 7x5cm
2. Miranda Webster Bandage, 2020 oil on wood, 18 x 12cm
3. Kathy Williams 'Sedgeway city! Acrylic paint as public sculpture', 2023

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