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Peer Sessions @ Artquest Salon ONLINE

Past - 6.30pm Thurs 17th Nov 2022


Painting Salon
6.30 – 9.30pm on Zoom

Artquest Salon combines ongoing peer-to-peer feedback on artists' work and presentations by art world professionals. The Painting Salon is for artists working with painting, either in a traditional sense or those considering the boundaries of the medium in today’s context.

The painting salon included a presentation from Peer Sessions (Kate Pickering and Charlotte Warne Thomas) about their unique crit methods. Peer Sessions then facilitated two feedback discussions.


Two artists presented work for feedback:

Kathryn Armitage showed two paintings titled 'So Many Things In This World To Fight and I Chose You' (2022) and 'Fuck Off, I'm Hormonal' (2022). We discussed the female body, gender norms and representation.

Katya Robin showed a variable arrangement of small paintings titled 'A Charm of Goldfinches' (2022). The discussion revolved around the method of painting, the significance of the Goldfinch in art and themes of captivity and escape.

More about the artists

Kathryn Armitage is an artist based in London. She works primarily with paint & mixed media, utilising journaling as a key part of her creative process. Her work focuses on the connections between food, feminism and the female body.



Katya Robin is a multidisciplinary who makes drawings, paintings, artist’s books, she also writes reviews, manages group publication and curates group exhibitions. Key themes include everyday life, and exploring overlooked poignant motifs within culture.

She did Painting BA at St Martin’s School of Art (1983-6), and Fine Art MA at Sheffield Hallam University ( 2011-14). She has been mentored through the Turps Correspondence course, and selected for Drawn Correspondence ‘The Body I Am In’ program, Drawing Lockdown Symposium (run by Drawing Projects) and the Drawing Is Free publication. Exhibitions include Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2019 and PAINT2019 at PS Mirabel. She had a ACE DYCP award, and is based in Sheffield. She co-curated shows with Prosaic, and Chas recently co-managed a publication of Drawn Together: Rewilding.


Kathryn Armitage, So Many Things In This World To Fight & I Chose You 2022 -100cmx100cmKatya Robin, A Charm of Goldfinches 5 copy