# 79 

David John Beesley & Natalie Sanders

7pm Thurs 2nd Nov 2017

Deptford X Event Space
Ground Floor
Norfolk House
9 Brookmill Road
London SE8 4HL

Tube: Deptford Bridge DLR (1 min); New Cross (10 mins)

Feel free to bring a contribution of snacks and drinks to share in the break

David John Beesley

David John Beesley, still from “Cool Hand And" (14:00)

David John Beesley's work is predominated by his fascination with assemblage and narrative. This incorporates his interests in: Folk and Mythology, Political and Ideological Power Structures, Pop Culture, Spirituality, Philosophy and Critical Thinking.


Natalie Sanders

Natalie Sanders

“The concept of arrangement, an operation of ordering and altering, traces its etymology back to the enlightenment and the delineation of knowledge. It is however in the present condition, characterized by the near instantaneous appearance of objects and their circulation, which adds greater urgency to this process. The practice of Natalie Sand­ers explores this expanded notion of arrangements accompanied by an innate understanding of the nature of objects and their narratives." Jason Waite