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Peer Sessions @ Artquest Salon ONLINE

Past - 6.30-9.30pm Thurs 14th Mar 2024


Artquest Painting Salon 3
6.30 – 9.30pm on Zoom

Artquest Salon combines ongoing peer-to-peer feedback on artists' work and presentations by art world professionals. The Painting Salon is for artists working with painting, either in a traditional sense or those considering the boundaries of the medium in today’s context.

The painting salon included a presentation from Peer Sessions (Kate Pickering and Charlotte Warne Thomas) about their unique crit methods. Peer Sessions then facilitated two feedback discussions.



Two artists presented work for feedback:


Oliver Palmer showed two paintings, Bloomsday XIII and Stalactite Disaster I. The discussion of Bloomsday XIII began with a general agreement that the painting was joyful and exuberant, expressing something dynamic and energetic. Some participants felt the work was created digitally, while others felt it was some kind of expression of the artist’s inner world. Ideas of the divided pictural plane were raised in relation to the second painting, Stalactite Disaster I.


Hava Stone presented two recent resin panel paintings, Feminine Burst, and Emerging. Initially the conversation revolved around the red circular panel and how it looked like lava, or a planet, how the resin recreated geological forms. Others felt the title Feminine Burst led to an interpretation of it being more bodily or visceral, possibly a view down a microscope of blood and sinews. In contrast, the conversation about Emerging was more focussed on how it replicated natural forms like landscapes, moss, moulds or slimes.




More about the artists

Oliver William Palmer is a London and home counties-based artist and educator. He is currently researching a long-term project based around the comings and goings of politicians to the hometown of his father during the 1970s and 80s with a view to developing a short film or graphic novel.



Hava Stone is a London based, contemporary artist whose work is reflective of inner strength, courage and creativity. Hava's work is interwoven with a mindful perspective of inspiring serenity and joy.




1.Oliver Palmer Bloomsday XIII, 2024; Watercolour, watercolour pencil and screen-printed colour- matched matt emulsion on paper; 35cm x 35cm
2.Oliver Palmer Stalactite Disaster I, 2021; Acrylic and charcoal on paper; 30cm x 30cm
3. Hava Stone Feminine Burst, 2024 Epoxy resin on wood 70cm diameter
4. Hava Stone Emerging, 2023 Epoxy resin on wood 70cm diameter


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