Trialogue 03

Artist Residency - Past

17th – 23rd May 2014

Vera Kox, Lisa Selby, Megan Broadmeadow


The Peer Sessions TRIALOGUES residency series gave the opportunity for 3 groups of 3 artists to occupy the ASC Gallery space and create new work resulting in 3 exhibitions.
A catalogue with essays by Tom Trevatt and Charlotte Warne Thomas (click here for pdf) and a series of educational workshops accompanied the project.


Trialogue 03: You who are strangers is a collaboration between artists Megan Broadmeadow, Vera Kox & Lisa Selby for the third TRIALOGUES residency at ASC Gallery, London.


Trialogue 03: You who are strangers  Shun a loud voice, staring at people, knocking into them, talking across anyone; in a word, do not attract attention to yourself. Do not expose your private affairs, feelings or innermost thoughts in public. You are knocking down the walls of your house when you do.

ASC Gallery
Erlang House, 128 Blackfriars Road
London SE1 8EQ

asc_3_ETrialogues 3