Trialogue 01

Artist Residency - Past

5th – 11th Apr 2014

Kate Pickering, Emily Rosamond, Steve Levon Ounanian


The Peer Sessions TRIALOGUES residency series gave the opportunity for 3 groups of 3 artists to occupy the ASC Gallery space and create new work resulting in 3 exhibitions.
A catalogue with essays by Tom Trevatt and Charlotte Warne Thomas (click here for pdf) and a series of educational workshops accompanied the project.


Trialogue 01: True Stories from the Event Horizon is a collaboration between artists Kate Pickering, Emily Rosamond, and Steven Levon Ounanian. They went on to form the long-standing collaborative group the School of the Event Horizon.


The School of the Event Horizon may or may not be teetering on the edge of a black hole, depending on your viewpoint. It is situated in a place and time where place and time become unhinged. Pickering, Rosamond and Ounanian attempt to harness the black hole’s propensity to warp and mutate space-time. Performing the rites of a past/future order, they reassemble corrupted facts, retrieve what might have been lost, and set about the tasks of sifting, connecting, destroying and reconstructing information.

ASC Gallery
Erlang House
128 Blackfriars Road
London SE1 8EQ

A black hole sucks you in.
A black hole does its damage.
A black hole puts on trousers and a light show.
A black hole wanders the globe, and eats what it can: biscuits, banks and glue guns.

A black hole brings its own horizon.
A black hole is the crown jewel of the gravitons.
A black hole turns a building inside out.

A black hole, a stigmata, a lesion. Undoing the skin of belief and idea.
A black hole opens onto another universe.
A black hole sucks in a plane, transports it from fact to fiction. As it leaves with its prey, it blows a kiss of wormholes, which suck thought into swirls of frantic repetition.

A black hole takes in information, turns encyclopedias into ash. Grilled to its core, the information clings to the ash, bites on the ash, wears the ash like an earring.

A black hole hoovers fact to fiction.
The School of the Event Horizon

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