Future Refrains

Exhibition - Future

18th Sept - 27th Oct 2017

An exhibition to showcase collaborative practice


Future Refrains is an exhibition that marks the culmination of a year-long Peer Sessions project on collaborative practice funded by Arts Council England. The exhibition features new work commissioned by Peer Sessions; three emerging Peer Sessions artists were invited to select a partner artist with whom to collaborate. The six artists met in developmental Peer Sessions workshops during the formative stages, to provide opportunities for dialogue, cross-fertilisation of ideas and feedback as the commissioned works evolved.


The 3 collaborative artist pairs are:

Peer Sessions member Alicja Rogalska chose to work with Daniel Dressel
Peer Sessions member Anita Delaney chose to work with Simon Gerrard
Peer Sessions member James Ferris chose to work with Paula Linke

The exhibition will also feature new works by Adam Chodzko & Lindsay Seers who have been active as guest moderators in recent Peer Sessions crit groups.


For press release PDF click HERE

ASC Gallery
The Chaplin Centre, Taplow House
Thurlow Street
London SE17 2DG
+44 (0)20 7274 7474


Exhibition open Monday to Friday 10:30 – 17:00

Private View

6-9pm Friday 15th September

The exhibition will open with drinks and live performances. All welcome


Collaboration in Question Live art event

As part of Future Refrains, Peer Sessions presents Collaboration in Question, an afternoon of live performance, video & film screenings and sound works from Peer Sessions artists, plus a panel discussion on the significance of collaboration in the contemporary art world. Featuring live art and video work by: Adam Chodzko; Alia Pathan; Anita Delaney; Bill Leslie; Daniel Dressel; Katharine Fry; James Ferris & Paula Linke; Jason Jones and Rebecca Glover.

The live panel discussion will debate the relevance of collaborative practice in the context of Peer Sessions and the exhibition Future Refrains. It will feature Adam Chodzko, Charlotte Warne Thomas, Kate Pickering, Lindsay Seers and Emily Rosamond.

Collaboration in Question  1-5.30pm Saturday 23rd September  – click HERE


Anita and Simon watchthisspace_bDaniel Alicja imageday-off-day-onFuture Refrains-1
Image 1 (top) courtesy of Anita Delaney & Simon Gerrard; Image 2 (second down) courtesy Alicja Rogalska & Daniel Dressel; Image 3 (gif; third down) courtesy James Ferris & Paula Linke


The images above and text below show work in progress from the 3 pairs of collaborative artists


"In our collaboration we’ve spent a lot of time to get to know each other and our individual practices. The focus was on sharing ideas and on finding common ground.
This summer we are going so spend an intense period of time together to develop new work for the exhibition at ASC gallery in September.”

   Alicja Rogalska & Daniel Dressel


Last night I dreamed about a new piece of work I wanted to make:
In my dream I wandered through the streets of London because I wanted to steal an expensive Mercedes Benz to go for a joy ride.
When I eventually found the right vehicle, I set up my camera and I recorded how I broke into the car, and how I jump started it.
Then I drove off into the sunset.
The title of the piece was: Joy Ride.

 * * *
The other day Alicja told me about a dream she had about a new piece of work she wanted to make:
In her dream she wandered through the streets of London to find a building that she wanted to demolish.
I don’t remember how her dream ended.
But I think the dream she told me was partly responsible for the dream I had.
last night.

 * * *
   Alicja Rogalska & Daniel Dressel

Her enemy on the wall
Sleeping in a tent
In a bubblegum room
Sitting on his shoulders
Holding opposite hands
That don't belong
To him
Tracing the outside
When the inside is gone
Are we welcomed
By the fisher king?
By the puppy dog daughter?
By the scaffolding boss?
By the chocolate connoisseur?
By the ill at ease?
By the limiting bog?
By the telephone hair?
By the part time receptionist?
Are we welcomed?

   James Ferris & Paula Linke