Peer Residency Four

Artist Residency - Past

6th September 2013

Joey Holder, Rowena Harris, Tom Trevatt


During Summer 2013, Peer Sessions invited 9 artists who had previously shown their work at a peer session, to collaborate with a fellow peer artist on a week-long residency in our temporary space at Enclave. This resulted in 4 week-long residencies, each culminating in a Friday evening public event, in which the artists presented the results of their projects.


For Peer Residency Four Joey Holder, Rowena Harris and Tom Trevatt worked independently, following their own concerns while sharing the space and coming together to reflect on the precarious nature of labour for the contemporary arts professional. For this they used a mechanical “clocking in" device, and set up a blog to explore their shared concerns and chart their progress:

Unit 4
Enclave Projects
50 Resolution Way

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