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Trevor Kiernander & Philip Ewe

Past - 7pm Mon 26th Jan 2015


Bond House Gallery, ASC Gallery, Deptford, London


Trevor Kiernander presented 2 abstract paintings; The Battle Begins and Untitled. Initial observations revolved around the landscape palette, and the use of “evening" and “daytime" colours in the paintings. Sculptural elements, possibly hinting at windows or doors were also observed, with layering of the paint disrupting the sense of perspective created by some of the line elements. The paintings reminded some of 1980s album covers, and others of romantic abstraction, with a suggestion that as a aerial views they could be landscapes after all, in the mode of Peter Lanyon's paintings.


Philip Ewe showed 2 short films; Red Eye (Single channel video with sound; 8'30") which formed part of a sculpture, and Mouth to Mouth (projection 8'39"). Red Eye featured an unseen protagonist presumably hitch-hiking, chatting to the driver of an HGV in the dark. The conversation centred around the feeling of unease and disorientation created by the voyeuristic gaze of the camera and the transient location, driving on the motorway. There was discussion of the sexual politics of the situation, in terms of the “blokey" dialogue between the driver and hitch-hiker, and in that a female protagonist in the same situation would have been much more vulnerable to sexual advances.

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