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Tracey Payne & Cadi Froehlich

Past - 7pm Wed 22nd June 2016


Space Studios, Peckham, London

Cadi Froelich showed a hanging sculptural installation with the working title In Context created for a specific space in the Cello Factory (London Bridge). The sculpture, a mass of tangled copper wires and cables elicited discussion on the idea of networks and connections, possibly representing the internet, or a system of tangled communications wires.

Tracey Payne showed an untitled sculpture which consisted of a huge part-hanging plastic element, inflated by an industrial fan, on a timer. The effect of the fan coming on was to inflate the plastic, and when it switched off, the shape deflated. The discussion centred around the object's likeness to a giant perspiring life-form, and the audience's tendency to anthropomorphise the moving “breathing" sculpture.

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