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Tina Hage & Monica Ursina Jäger

Past - 7pm Tues 12th July 2016


South Kiosk Gallery, Peckham, London

Monica Ursina Jäger showed Topographies, a 4+ metre-long paper collage mounted on a wooden bench-type stand. The collage was the prototype for a printed artist book of the same title. The conversation centred on the liner or narrative nature of the book format, with the display of this work particularly reminiscent of a comic or film strip. The theme of “future utopia" - a sense of an idealistic future imagined in past times was raised frequently, due to the imagery of avant guard modernist architecture, with greenery encroaching, as if nature were reclaiming the man-made environment.

Tina Hage showed The Place Here 11 and The Place Here 12, two sculptures featuring large-scale prints mounted on MDF. The conversation centred on the use of photographs/photography and single point perspective to create the illusion of space, in contrast to the actual representation of space in sculpture. There was discussion of how the works created a sense of place, by combining imagery with sculpture.

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