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Michael Lawton & Hayley Harrison

Past - 7pm Wed 23rd March 2016


Bond House Gallery, ASC Studios, Deptford, London


Michael Lawton showed Calculus, G41, Piero, Wave, Madrid and H.H. a series of 6 small paintings, all oil and acrylic on canvas. The conversation centred on the creation of the illusion of space/depth in painting, and to what extent the 6 paintings achieved or rejected it. The distinctiveness of each work elicited much discussion, as the audience sought to make links between the disparate titles.


Hayley Harrison showed a work which consisted of 10 paint-stained plastic bags, mounted on the wall. The conversation started by addressing the objects as paintings, but soon turned to their nature as sculptural objects. The grid-format and the title of each work (poly 23_91; poly 42_39; poly 06_11 etc) lead to some discussion of them as “images" borrowing the language of conceptual art in their quasi-scientific display.


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