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Ian Gonczarow

Past - 7pm Thurs 22nd Sept 2016


Bond House Gallery, ASC Studios, New Cross, London

Ian Gonczarow's exhibition Mr and Mrs Andrews, part of the 2016 Deptford X Fringe Festival was the subject for discussion. It featured 9 wall-mounted paintings (individually titled) and a floor-standing wooden bench plus 3 wooden and plastic sculptures of palm trees. The conversation focused on the exhibition as a whole, including conversations between specific works, such as the bench sculpture and the paintings. Themes which were identified included the "levelling" out of images and flatness resulting from the contemporary abundance of imagery online (reference was made to Hito Steyerl's In Defence of the Poor Image). The title of the exhibition lead to discussion about the landscape genre's position in the hierarchy of painting historically, in reference to Gainsborough's painting Mr and Mrs Andrews. Cultural appropriation and anthropology, and their associated politics and problematics were also raised.

Documentation of the exhibition and titles of individual works can be found at www.gonczarow.co.uk

The catalogue essay Oriented Strands by Dr Emily Rosamond accompanied the exhibition can be downloaded HERE.

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