# 72 

Dexter Dymoke & Lizi Sanchez

Past - 7pm Tues 1st Nov 2016


Bond House Gallery, ASC Studios, New Cross, London

Dexter Dymoke showed sculpture; Spoils 1, a ceiling-suspended sculpture, and Spoils 2, a floor-based sculpture, in addition to Post Fact Emblem and Tablet. We discussed the titling of Post Fact Emblem, and it's resonance of a hieroglyph or occult like emblem. We also considered the screen/ flesh like surface of Tablet, and the anthropomorphic qualities of both Spoils sculptures.

Lizi Sanchez showed Untitled - wall-based hanging posters, plus 2 floor-based sculptures (also Untitled) which was work in progress for her forthcoming exhibition. The discussion centred on the use of obscured language, advertising and design, through the various works formal and seductive qualities.

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