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Blue Curry & School of the Event Horizon

Past - 7pm Weds 27th April


Studio Voltaire, Clapham, London

Blue Curry showed documentation of new work resulting from a series of recent international residencies. Discussion focussed on the allure of the work, produced through an exoticism arising from found objects collected whilst abroad, the formal qualities of which are highlighted through careful placing and juxtaposition.

School of the Event Horizon (SOTEH) is an artist collective featuring Emily Rosamond, Steve Levon Ounanian and Kate Pickering. SOTEH showed a new performance/ video Triple Bottom Line, consisting of an introductory talk with slides, and a video pitching a new predictive technology. We discussed the role of satire, parody and discomfort, the missing object in the work (the fiction of the new product), and the use of business language.

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