# 71 

Bill Leslie & Kate Squires

Past - 7pm Tues 18th Oct 2016


Space Studios, London Fields

Bill Leslie showed an as-yet untitled silent film projected by 3 overlapping projectors, sculpturally mounted. The discussion centred around the way that the work animated objects, which had been recorded using analogue film and digital technologies. The movement of the objects suggested a theatricality and prop-like quality which had echoes of German Expressionist film and early Modern film and photography.

Kate Squires showed a series of Onomatopoeiacally-titled sculptures; Stacked Ts; 3 Os and 2 films; Body Language 1 and Body Language 2. There was some discussion about the titles leading the work, by indicating to the viewer that the works involved systems of language. The sculptures were discussed as signs or symbols which might become legible within some unknown system of meaning. The “objecthood" of the sculptures was underlined by the animated sculptures featured in the videos.

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