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Andy Jackson & Emily Rosamond

Past - 7pm Wed 17th Dec 2014


Goldsmiths College, London


Emily Rosamond showed an installation titled Weather Vane, which consisted of several sculptures and performance. These included: A way to chose the direction system – a wheel made of carved MDF; And these are the oracle’s commas, the precise curves of her error, and every fault line forms a thread to the next voice, and every sketch of packaging annunciates the breaking points baked into the next accretion, a textured relief work with hair and plaster; and And now I’m going to tell you a story, and it’s the story of the selection process, which has been heretofore unknown to us, a standing shelf with objects and a hole through which the artist performs. The conversation revolved around the works as divination systems or shamanistic objects/rituals, and the possibility that this would render them vacant of meaning. In contrast, the title Weather Vane suggested to others a search for meaning, or of marks to guide interpretation of natural forces.


Andy Jackson presented 4 small paintings; acrylic paint on MDF and on canvas: datum Ntr.Vers; insrt, Datum (Rgcncy) and insrt. The conversation began with a discussion of the techniques used to create the works, the gesture of dragging the paint downwards and the highly worked surface, which appeared labour-intensive in its production. Reference was made to the paintings of Morris Lewis, and to the abstraction of the works in terms of expressionism, and in contrast, in the context of digital imagery, which the group felt was referenced by the colour scheme and titles of the pieces.

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